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arm exercises

  Another killer TRX exercise routine. Get you arms ripped using suspension training. Look like Arnold in no time!

trx leg exercises

TRX will demolish your legs. So much so that the trainer in this video swears that using these exercises will guarantee your ability to dunk a basketball. As always, serious core workout come along with it.

trx upper back exercise

  Your upper back consists of a collection of the vast majority of your upper body musculature (lats, rear shoulders, rhomboids, traps) which means training it has a huge impact on your appearance and your metabolism.   Use these exercises to dominate your upper back and get into shape fast.


This exercise will have you back shredded up in no time.

trx chest workout

TRX Chest Fly TRX Chest Fly with Eccentric Emphasis TRX Check Press Use this combo to target your pectoralis major, biceps and anterior deltoids. As always this TRX exercise works the core intensely.